It is virtually impossible for any business to function without connecting to the world wide web.

Add to this, the reality that most adults and children walk around with a constantly-connected, super computer in their pockets and you’ve got a veritable hotbed of opportunities for cyber criminals. The commercialisation of cyber crime, has dramatically increased the occurrence and severity of cyber-attacks on businesses regardless of size SHA recognises the far reaching consequences that this ever-expanding cyber risk could have on a business, particularly those that may not have the resources or infrastructure to deal with such an event and therefore we have tailored a complete Cyber, Privacy and Media Insurance solution for small-to-medium sized enterprises


  • IT Security & Incident Response: The expertise and services of an internationally recognised IT Security & Incident Response service provider
  • Cyber Liability: After a breach, the business may find it has to defend itself against and/or pay damages to third parties. This provides cover for legal defence costs and damages if the case is unsuccessfully defended
  • First Party Expenses: Once a breach occurs, there are costs and expenses to get the business back on track.

This extension covers the costs

  • to restore, re-collect or replace data,
  • of specialists, investigators, forensic auditors or loss adjusters,
  • of the use of rented, leased or hired equipment, services, labour, premises or additional operating costs (including staff overtime)
  • Loss of Business Income: There will be a negative impact on the income of the business. This extension covers the net income which would have been earned had the breach not occurred
  • Crisis Management Expenses: Every business cares about how their customers perceive it. This extension covers the costs of a public relations consultant or related advertising expenses in order to mitigate any reputational or material brand damage
  • Multimedia Liability: Most organisations use websites, social media platforms and other electronic media, and there is always a risk of copyright or defamation allegations. This extension covers the legal defence costs, legal liability to pay damages, public relations communication costs, claimants costs and claims expenses arising from the performance of multimedia activities
  • Cyber Extortion & Data Ransom Demand: Should your data or system be locked by ransomware or your company is threatened by cyber extortionists, there may be costs in negotiating with the hackers or paying a ransom demand. This extension covers costs of the investigation into the cause of, or the payment of monies in response to or as a result of, an extortion threat or ransom demand
  • Internet of Things Liability: Businesses that supply devices that are connected to a network may find themselves the subject of litigation if hackers intercept these devices and cause physical damage or injury. This extension covers the legal defence costs against such actions and possible damages to third parties
  • Theft of Funds: Businesses that have suffered a Network Security Breach may find that funds are taken by unauthorised third parties. This extension covers the monetary loss sustained as a direct result of a Network Security Breach
  • Notification Expenses: There will be costs to notify affected parties and monitor any possible identity theft. This extension covers the expenses incurred to comply with privacy legislation and includes legal and communication expenses as well as credit monitoring and identity theft education and assistance
  • Regulatory fines and penalties to extent insurable by law. Legislation such as POPI

(Protection of Personal Information) introduced the imposition of hefty fines, penalties and even jail time. This extension covers the legal defence costs against the sanction as well as the amount of the actual fine or penalty itself (as long as the regulator allows it

  • And for technology professionals, there is also the option to include:
  • Professional Indemnity: insurance for your legal liability to pay damages, claimant’s costs and claims expenses arising from the rendering of Professional Services

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