Who Are We

In today’s economy, the importance of SME and owner-managed businesses cannot be overemphasized. However, as smaller businesses grow, more often than not they find that complex decisions need to be made in order to ensure their long-term success. The  key to successful decision-making and sustained growth are:

  • information
  • statistics
  • insight
  • analytical skills
  • experience in the market place

? is, how can the busy entrepreneur be expected to apply all these processes when very often he or she cannot AFFORD to employ a financial manager! Appointing BVDM is the SIMPLEST and COST-EFFECTIVE way of managing growth. As a SPECIALIST financial planner we offer a PERSONALISED SERVICE focusing on the SMALL and MEDIUM Enterprises only.   We attempt to be pro-active with the needs of the client and like to grow   tree with them.  We also strive to be accessible all times directly with the partner in charge.

What about costs?
Without the complex structures and heavy overheads synonymous with the large consultancies, yet with all services under one roof, our cost structure is very competitive – our fees are far LOWER than you would expect.  Our personalized approach to business ensures rapid response.

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